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If your vehicle is more than three years old you may have factory recalls that could affect the driveability or safety of your vehicle. Most vehicle recall notices are sent to the original owner of the vehicle and so if you are the second owner of a vehicle or your address has changed you may never know about the recalls for your vehicle.

That is why we created this site so that we can help New Mexico’s drivers find out about their vehicle’s recalls.

Just complete the form, you will need your VIN number (usually on the drivers side dashboard or VIN tag on the driver’s door, or on you registration) and your current mileage and then we will let you know if your vehicle has an open recall and provide next steps to getting it fixed.

If you don’t know the VIN of your vehicle, complete the form leaving the VIN field blank and we will contact you and help you locate it.

This is a free service offered by Melloy Los Lunas.

By submitting this form you are giving your consent for Melloy Los Lunas to investigate the current open vehicle recalls for your vehicle and contact you with information concerning all information found. Melloy Los Lunas will be relying on information provided by vehicle manufacturer websites and information contained on the website concerning open recalls and is not liable for any incorrect or incomplete information provided from those sources. Melloy Los Lunas assumes no liability for the information provided to you and does not guarantee the accuracy of said information. You assume all responsibilty for use of this site and use of any information provided as a result of your submission.